With years of experience of dog owning, handling and with a wide range of animals including the breeding of poultry, dogs and rabbits, I understand the necessity as an owner for a reliable and qualified service when you need it .
Whether I come to your home or your pet comes to our premises, I offer a full and comprehensive range of services.

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Big or small, I can scan them all. 

I offer a mobile ultrasound non-invasive scanning service for pregnancy confirmation or reassurance in the stress free and relaxed environment within your own home. I scan your animals in your home environment as it is much less stressful on your pet and saves the inconvenience of transporting potentially pregnant mothers to veterinary practices which might cause unnecessary stress.

I am CPD certified which is IAU (Institute of animal ultrasound) approved and use top grade scanning equipment. I am able to scan dogs, cats and even rabbits. 

Pregnancy can be confirmed from 28 days after the last mating, although best results are achieved from around day 32-35 of your bitch's pregnancy. I can scan earlier than 28 days if you have concerns over an unusual discharge from your bitch (as this may be a sign of Pyometra) or you had an accurate progesterone test and know the date of ovulation. I can also carry out a reassurance scan later on in the pregnancy if required. 

Within the confirmation scan appointment I can spend essential time bonding with any nervous or apprehensive dogs which helps to ensure she is comfortable and a successful scanning process. I'll need to apply a liberal amount of gel on her stomach (no shaving necessary) and then spend time scanning her abdomen from her bladder to her spleen which will give an accurate indication of her pregnancy situation.

The reassurance scan is usually carried out around the 45 day mark  and it is during this scan that we are able to see more detail. The puppies heart beats now show very clearly and their bones have calcified giving clear outlines of their skeleton including eye sockets etc. If we are lucky enough to have a puppy in the correct position I am able to take measurements and predict an estimated due date which is very useful when planning the whelping process within your home. 

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I offer microchipping services in the comfort of your own home which is less stressful and more natural for your pet. We use the most advanced technology nano-size 7mm microchips with a  super slim needle making the whole experience as painless as possible.

Did you know that it is now mandatory in the UK that all dog owners have their dog microchipped and breeders need to have their puppies microchipped by the time they are 8 weeks old and before they are sold? 

Although it is not a legal requirement to have other domestic pets microchipped, it is strongly recommended by the RSPCA that all pet owners get their animals microchipped. 

All Microchips are QC tested and registered to SmartTrace database which has a UK based call centre open 24/7 - 365 days of the year that offers expert lost/stolen telephone support. The microchip package includes a tag with the chip number laser etched on-to the back & the card/stickers inside.

Do you have a litter that needs microchipping?

Each microchip comes with a free Puppy Pack including :

  1. 1kg puppy food

  2. Puppy Toy

  3. Feeding bowl

  4. 3ml perfume sample

  5. Food Measuring Scoop

  6. Snuggle Blanket

  7. Puppy Contract

  8. Puppy Care Guide

  9. £5 Perfume Gift Voucher

  10. £5 Supplements Giftcard​

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A walk for your dog is so much more than just exercise. It provides opportunities for mental and physical stimulation, socialisation and training. 
I can visit your home whilst you are at work and spend time feeding, playing, administering medication, walking, cuddling and cleaning up any mess from your dog so you can get on with your day without the worry that your dog is home alone. 
I also offer doggie drop in visits for puppies or elderly dogs who are unable to leave the house, which includes all of the above but without the walk so more time is spent interacting and playing. 
Or maybe you are looking for full doggie day care where I can collect and return your dog and they can come to our house for the day to play and walk with our other dogs. We will welcome your dog in as part of our family and spend lots of time cuddling on the sofa as well as playing in our large garden and walking in surrounding woodland. 
I am fully qualified in dog First Aid and Canine Communication, Insured, DBS checked, reliable and trustworthy.
Free consultation visits available, giving you and your dog the opportunity to meet me and to discuss any special requirements or needs that they might have.



Making time apart guilt free as possible for you and stress free as possible for your pet

Need a qualified, insured, licenced and loving person to look after your dog whilst you are out of the house? Then look no further as we offer your dog the opportunity to come and join us in our own home for the day. We are able to collect and drop off your dog for a small additional charge so that they can join in with our stimulating play sessions, complete basic training, run off any excess energy on our woodland walks or simply enjoy cuddles on our sofa. We are able to tailor your dogs day according to their individual needs and routine. Doggy day care is suitable for all dogs and especially puppies, high energy dogs, dogs with special needs, senior dogs, owners who work long hours or dogs who suffer with separation anxiety.

Once you have made contact with us we will arrange a meet and greet visit, giving you and your dog the opportunity to meet me, check out our amazing facilities and to discuss any special requirements or needs that they might have. We have a hot and cold outdoor dog shower and GPS tracking available for new dogs. 

Please note that proof of vaccinations, including Kennel Cough, will have to be sent before visiting the house. 

If you would like to book your dog in for our popular daycare sessions either contact me on 07903 330594 or complete the registration form below and return to and I will get back in touch with you to discuss further. 

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As a dog owner myself I totally understand the guilt that you feel when you are considering to book a holiday or time away from home. The questions of how can I leave them? Where can I leave them where they will be loved and well cared for?

Here at Pawesomek9 we offer a friendly alternative to Kennelling your dog. I am fully qualified, insured, licenced and have years of dog handling experience so am able to meet the needs of a variety of dogs. We cater for all ages and abilities of dogs and  welcome them into our family as one of our own pets. We are blessed to live in a large 5 bedroomed house with a large enclosed garden and are surrounded by woodland where we can regularly walk our dogs, even off lead if written consent is given. Our house is tailored to suit dogs who want to spend time in the busy family kitchen diner or we have break off rooms where we can spend time with your dog in separate quieter lounges and playrooms. We have an outdoor hot and cold dog shower and the opportunity to use our GPS trackers for new dogs. 

Free meet and greet visits available, giving you and your dog the opportunity to meet me and to discuss any special requirements or needs that they might have.

Please note that proof of vaccinations, including kennel cough, will have to be sent before visiting or staying at the house. 

If you would like to book a place for home boarding either get in touch with myself on 07903 330594 or complete the registration form below and return to and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss further. 

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Being there with your pet when you are unable to

We all know that there are occasions when it is unavoidable that your pet has to be left on their own for the day. Whether you are having to work long hours or attend a family event we can drop in to your home to take care of your dog. 

Our drop in visits are mainly for puppies or elderly dogs who are unable to leave the house we offer them company and toilet breaks, time interacting and playing with your dog, feeding and cleaning up any mess. 

As a dog lover myself I know the importance of human interaction throughout the day to prevent boredom, destruction, depression and separation anxiety. 

Free consultation visits available, giving you and your dog the opportunity to meet me and to discuss any special requirements or needs that they might have.



Paws for Thought ...

Do you have trouble transporting your pet? Need a helping hand when your pet has to visit the vets? 

Here at Pawesomek9 we can transport both you and your pet to your destination and if you need a helping hand for a vet visit we can support you with this too. We can provide pet carriers or pet seat belts so your pet is safe and comfortably contained within our vehicle. 

Free consultation visits available, giving you and your pet the opportunity to meet me and to discuss any special requirements or needs that they might have.

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